Jay Sultan
Chairman of the Board & President
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In addition to the typical duties of Board Chair and President, Jay is responsible for developing and overseeing the organizational compliance policies regarding monetary transfers to grantees and the agents of Kolongo Ministries, in Africa and elsewhere.  He also ensures that the organization be above reproach in all regulatory and financial matters, especially internationally.  Jay is also responsible for maintaining the financials of the organization and developing financial reports for the Board.

Jay brings with him a wealth of wisdom and experience in setting up and structuring organizations. His career has focused on organizational consulting for several large companies, but he has also made time for several short-term trips to visit Central African Republic (CAR) and help with the work there.  He has also been helpful to the work in CAR in many logistical ways from the US side of the ocean.

Jay’s wife, Nichole, has a background in special needs education and is a prayer warrior with a deep faith.  They have two children—Elijah (in high school) and Grace (in grade school).

Benjamin Turk
Board Member, Secretary, Registered Agent
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As the secretary Benjamin is responsible for Board Meeting minutes as well as creating and maintaining important documents for the ministry.

As the registered agent he is responsible for receiving correspondence from the State of Texas.

Benjamin is the oldest son of Luke and Leanne Turk. He has had a lifetime of experience in Central African Republic (CAR).  He has maintained personal connection with several people in CAR, and he understands some of the cultural factors as well as the contextual challenges of

serving in that part of the world.  In the US he is an engineer at a large plant in East Texas, bringing technical engineering knowledge as well as project management experience to the table.

Leanne Turk, RN, ND
Board Member
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Leanne (with her husband Luke and 3 sons) lives and serves as a long-term missionary in Gamboula, Central African Republic since 2000.  Her ministry involvement has included; directing a Christian nursing school for the past 20 years, offering administrative assistance to a mission hospital, helping with Sunday school programs, and meeting with women to study God’s Word.  She is a vital resource in documenting the use of funds in Africa.

As a person who has lived half of her life in Africa (including the countries of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, and Cameroon), Leanne has a deep desire to help contribute to the improvement of people’s living conditions in this part of the world. As a Christian, she has a passion for sharing the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a nurse practitioner, she has a passion for training up others in the nursing profession and helping them to see their profession as a ministry opportunity. 

Leanne’s husband, Luke, has overseen the maintenance and repair aspects of the medical work and has been actively involved in evangelistic outreach.  They have 3 grown sons.

Alice Edwards, MD
Board Memeber
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Alice Edwards is a family physician, practicing in Athens, Georgia for over 15 years. She loves medicine, loves people, and loves to travel and explore new places, even though she has an abysmal sense of direction!  She visited Central African Republic in 2010 on a medical mission trip and was both entranced and inspired by the people she met there. She has also had the opportunity to go to Venezuela and Uganda on other medical mission trips. 


Stephen Winchell
Board member
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Stephen Winchell is a full-time firefighter and paramedic in Longview, Texas. He spends much of his time, on and off-duty, teaching firefighting, technical rescue, and emergency medical skills. One of those teaching venues is at the International ALERT Academy where he has been on staff since 2009. Here he has worked with student life, leadership, disaster relief, short-term humanitarian relief, and, now, instruction and program coordination. Stephen also serves as the fire chief of Big Sandy’s volunteer fire department and deploys with Texas Task Force 1 as a helicopter rescue swimmer in flooding and hurricane responses.

When not on duty, you will find Stephen in training as a deacon and serving in a variety of support roles at One Hope Presbyterian Church, where he is affectionately known by his three nieces and many other children as “Uncle Stephen”. While emergency services is a passion, Stephen finds even greater joy in harnessing the gifts God has given him in the areas of observation, deep thought, and service to see people grow and the kingdom of God advanced in practical ways.

Daniel Robbins, MD
Board Member
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Daniel is a general surgeon in Longview, TX. He is married to Karen, a former ICU nurse, and they have three young children. They are members of One Hope Presbyterian Church where Daniel serves as a deacon.

Kelly Liebengood, PhD
Board Member
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Kelly Liebengood is dean of the School of Theology and Vocation at LeTourneau University, where he also serves as Professor of Biblical Studies. Dr. Liebengood pastored One Hope Presbyterian Church in Longview, TX for ten years, where he currently serves as an elder. He has been a missionary in Chile, Egypt, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Scotland.